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Dota 2 - Tournament Rules and Player Guidelines

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  • Dota 2 - Tournament Rules and Player Guidelines

    Dota 2 Tournament Rules & Player Guidelines

    • 1.1 Tournament:- The Digital Wars Online - Season #3 is an online tournament lasting 16 days.
    • 1.2 Teams:- All teams will be selected on first come, first serve basis to compete in the tournament.
    • 1.3 Administration:-
      • 1.3.1:- eSports Interactive Entertainment will be the host of the event and responsible for issues pertaining to the running of the events.
      • 1.3.2:- Current tournament admins include "Subbu”. Other admins may be appointed by eSports Interactive Entertainment.
    • 1.4 Team Commitment:-
      • 1.4.1:- By participating in the tournament, teams acknowledge without limitation to comply with the rules and regulations of the Digital Wars Online - Season #3 and especially with the decisions made by the referees. Penalty marks will be recorded and may affect future decisions for Season #3.
      • 1.4.2:- Teams are responsible to be punctual. They are responsible for proper time management, such as taking into account potential traffic delays when travelling.
      • 1.4.3:- Every participant has to show the needed respect towards other participants and referees. Insults and unfair or disrespectful behavior towards referees and other participants are not tolerated and will be punished.
      • 1.4.4:- Every participant must always have the newest version of steam and Dota 2 installed and has to check for updates in time before each match. Patching is not a valid reason to delay a match under normal circumstances.
      • 1.4.5:- Every player should have a backup place to play on in case they lose the ability to reconnect to the match (power outage/internet loss). Inability to reconnect into the game is never grounds for match postponement. Admins will extend the pause time in order to allow a player to move to a different location if that happens, within reason.
      • 1.4.6:- Teams are responsible to take appropriate measures for their own internet and personal computer security.
      • 1.4.7:- Teams that withdraw from the tournament instead of playing until eliminated will be ineligible for any prize.
      • 1.4.8:- Participants have to be Indian residents.
      • 1.4.9:- Participants cannot play for multiple teams. If found playing, Both the teams can be disqualified or penalized accordingly.
      • 1.4.10:- Only one stand-in can be allowed per game. Prior permission has to be sought from the administration to play with multiple stand-ins.
    • 1.5 Communication:-
      • 1.5.1:- The primary communication platform for the tournament is Skype. At least one member of each team or its manager has to be part of the official Skype group. This member has to be available there as much as possible until the team gets eliminated. These Skype groups get created and moderated by the administration.
      • 1.5.2:- The secondary communication platform for the tournament is Facebook. Teams may contact administration in the official Skype group and admins will seek to contact teams there accordingly as well.
    Match Times
    • 4.1:- General Timeline:- The Digital Wars Online - Season #3 will last 16 days.
    • 4.2. Matches:- Teams are required to join the game lobby on time for the matches to start.
    • 4.2.1:- Games will be hosted at least 15 minutes before the scheduled times and teams contacted accordingly (teams will also be told the lobby password before the match commences)
    • 4.2.2:- The full team should be in the lobby 10 minutes before the match start time or they will receive a 50 second pick/ban time penalty.
    • 4.2.3:- If teams do not have their full roster in the game five minutes before the match start time they will receive a 90 second pick/ban time penalty.
    • 4.2.4:- If teams are not in the game fifteen minutes from the game start time they will receive a loss for the entire match.
    Hosting & Settings
    • 5.1 Availability:- At least one member of both teams has to be present in Skype 15 minutes before the start of their match to communicate with the administration.
    • 5.2 Lobby Hosting:- All games get hosted by a referee. The teams receive the password from him 15 minutes before the start of the match in Skype/Facebook as well as pre-tournament for all their matches. Participants are not allowed to pass the password on to anyone but the other members of his team.
    • 5.3 Spectators:- Only referees, official broadcasters, and the ten players are allowed to be inside the game. Team managers may join the lobby, but have to leave before the game starts. Everyone else has no permission to enter.
    • 5.4 Server Location:- The SEA server will be used. This will be frequently reviewed, considering the stability and latency.
    • 5.5 Sides & Drafting Order:- First team to fully get into the lobby before the 1st game gets to choose side or drafting order. This rotates to the other team for the second game. Third game is decided by a random draw.
    During the Match
    • 6.1 Picks & Bans:- The hero pool consists of all available heroes in Captain’s Mode. The game must not be paused during the draft, unless a drafter disconnects.
    • 6.2 Pauses:-
      • 6.2.1:- Each team has the right to pause the game for an acceptable duration, if a player announces and explains a coherent reason. No explanation is needed when a player disconnects. The admin may decide and inform a team if they have exceeded an acceptable number of pauses.
      • 6.2.2:- The game should only be resumed when both teams agree with it or when the admin decides that should be the case.
      • 6.2.3:- The game must only be resumed by an admin (if available), not a player. Teams with a player that resumes a game will receive a penalty.
      • 6.2.4:- If the number or duration of breaks exceed the acceptable duration, the admin may force the continuation of the game.
    • ​6.3 Disconnects & Reconnects:-
      • 6.3.1:- If a player disconnects, the game is to be paused instantly. Everyone has up to ten minutes to reconnect to the game (if the same person disconnects more than once, all times get added up). If this time is passed, the opposing team may continue the game, unless an admin demands the opposite. The affected player is in this case still allowed to rejoin later on.
      • 6.3.2:- If during a match a player is not able to reconnect for reasons other than a reconnection bug, the team will have to play without that player. If the player is not able to reconnect because of a game bug, the game will be played forward until the next minute mark and will be reloaded from there.
    • 6.4 Broadcasting:-
      • 6.4.1:- Only authorized broadcasters are permitted to provide a video stream.
      • 6.4.2:- An authorized video stream must have a delay of at least six minutes.
      • 6.4.3:- The players are neither allowed to watch or listen to any of these video streams or Dota TV at any time during their match, nor may they provide a stream themselves.
    • 6.5 Bugs & Exploits:- If any serious bug or exploit is detected, the game should be paused and the administration will decide how to continue. If a team detects or would like clarification of a bug or exploit, they should pause the game and ask for a decision. Intentional abuse of bugs or exploits if strictly prohibited.
    • 6.6 Ending:- A game is finished, when one team’s ancient is destroyed, when one team obviously forfeits, or when the majority of a team leaves on purpose. An admin may force-end the game in cases apart from the first.
    Rules & Punishments
    • 7.1 Rule Violations:-
      • 7.1.1:- Breaking of the rules or ignoring the order of an admin may result in a punishment. Type and amount is chosen by the administration.
        • Punishment Level 1: Warning
        • Punishment Level 2: -20s penalty
        • Punishment Level 3: -50s penalty
        • Punishment Level 4: -90s penalty
        • Punishment Level 5: Opponent picks side AND first pick next game.
        • Punishment Level 6: Game loss
        • Punishment Level 7: Match Loss
        • Punishment Level 8: Tournament Disqualification
    • 7.1.2:- Rule violations will be considered as the third decider in a tie-breaker.
    • 7.1.3:- Rule violations might be taken into consideration for future tournament seasons.
    • 7.2 Rule Changes:- Administration is allowed to ignore or overrule any of the previous rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible. Teams and participants acknowledge the right for eSports Interactive Entertainment to modify the rules and regulations for adjustments.
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